Divorce & Custody

  • Are you planning to separate from or divorce your spouse?
  • Do you have children that will be affected by a divorce, break up, or separation?
  • Will you need help resolving child support or custody issues?
  • Are you caring for the child of a friend or family member who struggles with addiction or other issues?

Family law is an area of special interest at Moriarty & Associates. We enjoy working with clients to help settle important issues that apply to families. When families separate, or come together, there are often a lot of issues to address, and competing interests to consider.  Helping families successfully navigate these issues and achieve the happiest outcome for all family members is our goal.

How Moriarty & Associates Helps with Family Law

As family law advocates, the attorneys at Moriarty & Associates bring to the table decades of experience helping clients resolve disputes and working out fair settlements. Any disruption in a family’s routine can cause stress to all members of the family. Our goal is to help families through these difficult times and move forward with their lives. We help families discover outcomes that maximize the benefit to parents and to children.

At Moriarty & Associates, we understand that children are sometimes raised by grandparents, relatives, or friends when their own parents are unable to care for them due to addiction, mental health, or other issues. We can help families navigate the confusing and delicate nature of these proceedings with compassion for the parent, empathy for the child, and advocacy for the relative obtaining custody.

Experienced Seattle and Everett Family Law Attorneys

Our lawyers are very knowledgeable about Washington state laws and court systems regarding family law. We offer comprehensive legal representation if you need child support modification, adoption, custody arrangements, or other legal problems affecting your family during the difficult time of divorce.

If you are considering ending a marriage or relationship, and have questions about dividing property, dealing with custody and visitation, arranging for child support, or other issues related to family law, we are here to help resolve those matters. We offer strong, personalized support, and we value our role as your counsel in these important matters.

Choosing the right attorney is an important first step, and we invite you to sit down with us and ensure that we are a good fit for your needs. Contact us today: call (425) 670-0800, email us, or send us a message through our online form.

Snohomish Divorce Attorneys at Moriarty & Associates, PLLC