• Are you preparing to adopt a child?
  • Are you in need of legal assistance to help with the complex adoption process?
  • Do you need help working with Washington’s Department of Child Services?

The adoption of a child is an exciting and wonderful life-changing experience for parents, but it also involves complex legal issues and processes. At Moriarty & Associates, our attorneys have helped many families navigate the adoption process. We enjoy working closely with our clients to address all of their families’ needs—through adoption, parenting plans, and other family law concerns.

How Moriarty & Associates Helps with Adoption

Our attorneys understand that adopting a child, while beautiful and amazing, can cause great stress and financial hardships. As a result, we are committed to clients by helping them achieve the best results possible, while keeping costs reasonable and affordable.  During our initial consultation, we discuss all the possible avenues to achieve the client’s desired results, including unbundled legal services where appropriate.

We always keep an eye on what is in the best interest of a child or children, and we’re able to work with clients to solve tough issues like adoptions as well as child support, support modification, or divorce settlements—all part of our Family Law services.

Experienced Seattle and Everett Adoption Lawyers

When you choose to work with Moriarty & Associates, you will be placing a real family advocate on your side. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of parents work through a maze of complex adoption procedures in the Greater Seattle area to achieve the outcome they desire. We have experience helping clients adopt through the foster care and Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services, through non-parental custody arrangements, step-parent adoptions, and other parent adoptions.

At Moriarty & Associates, we believe that families come in many forms, and we are honored when we are chosen to help legally establish the emotional bond that often is already in place. The decision to grow your family through adoption is an important and personal choice, and you deserve to have a strong and comfortable relationship with your attorney. That is why we always offer free initial consultations. To sit down with a Moriarty & Associates attorney call (425) 670-0800, email us, or send us a message through our online form.

Adoption Attorneys at Moriarty & Associates, PLLC